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Spot illustrations created in Photoshop

As a personal project I created a set of spot illustrations for a hypothetical article about the benefits of various crafts for kids stuck at home.

For this project I used Photoshop because I wanted both the ease of clean vector shapes and the hand-drawn feel for the details. Photoshop has perfectly functional vector tools and makes it easy to naturally draw the details with a pen tool, and to blend textures onto shapes. It is also easy to adjust the color vibrancy as a final step.  

  • Sketch on paper and in Photoshop

  • Draw vector shapes and add colors 

  • Draw details, overlay textures, adjust colors levels

Set 1 Concepts
  • Cooperation

  • Pride in accomplishments

  • New skill building 

  • Self expression

Set 2 Objects 
  • Scissors

  • Paper collage

  • Glues, tapes

  • Popsicle sticks and googly eyes

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