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Diagrams & Guides 

A variety of diagrams, user guides and information heavy projects. 

Azure onboarding guide

Created Illustrations and wrote content explaining the concepts, visual elements, and navigation structure of the Ibiza version of Azure. 

Created in OneNote for easy distribution to teams at Microsoft. 

Book cover & box

The Exchange Server guide books needed a cover design. The final deliverable was a pdf document posted online. As a team reward I designed a boxed set of all 11 guidebooks printed and perfect bound. The box featured the signatures of all team members.


Book Cover (PDF)


Boxed Set (PDF)


This is an example of a topology diagram. It shows the flow of information through a network or system. These have some friendly looking graphic icons.

Spot Illustration

These 4 illustrations tell the story of central storage connected devices. First, store everything on central server. Then unconnected devices acan access the same informaton. Auto-updates to devices are convenitent, and all this access results in a happy end user.

Architecture Diagrams

System architecture diagrams show all the components and relationships. 





Product Workflow 

The Outlook Voice Access workflow needed to be summarized for new users. I created the Quick Start guide as a 2 sided color coded workflow diagram. It was design to be a trifold brochure. 

Side one shows the voice activated commands, while page two shows the traditional touchtone keypad commands. The document was primarily intended to be printed and handed out during conferences where the product was being introduced. The PDF format enabled us to also post this online.


Outlook Voice Access  - Quick Start (PDF)

Illustration Guidelines

I wrote guidelines for the Exchange Server writers and editors to follow. How to use the art request tool, what kinds of illustrations and when to use them. Its is an older help file format served up as an .EXE file. 


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