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Branding Guideline for EAC

I designed a new logo and brand guidline for the Eastside Artists Collaborative. Their goal is to raise awareness and attract new artists to the group. Artists can rent studio space, take classes, teach classes and generally collaborate with other atists. 

To be true to the spirit of artistic exploration I designed the system to be VERY flexible. The new logo can be combined with a variety of decorative treatments such as paint splashes, retro colored drop shadows, even shown in skewed perspective. The brand theme encompases a bright and lively color palette, along with playful graphic elements such as patterns and photos. 

Eastside Artists Collaborative classes
Rack Card for EAC 

The first use of the new EAC Branding is a 
2- sided rack card. The purpose is to attract new painters to the Eastside Artists Collaborative and to highlight classes taught by the lead instructor, Larine Chung. 


I participated in a group show featuring welded art. For the show I created opening and closing night postcards and a brochure with one image from each of the 18 artists participating.

I took inspiration from the show's theme of light shining in the darkness and used bright red, orange and white pushing in front of the black background. 

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