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Icons & Badges

Icons, badges, stickers , emoji and in-application illustrations

Windows 10 - achievement badges & stickers
Windows 8 icons, emoji, and cursors
Reading List app logo/icon

Reading List is a Windows 8 application that allows the user to quickly save an item for later viewing. This could be a web page, document, email, photo, etc.

The process for finding a good application icon for Reader went through several typical stages.


Round 1 is brainstorming / initial sketeches.


Round 2 is discussion and selectng a narrower set of options.

Round 3 homes in on a single representation with small tweaks to bring the image to its ideal state.

Scanner app logo/icon

Problem: the scanner application needed an application icon and the existing scanner device icon did not have sufficient detail or visual weight to compete with the other application icons.

Solution: Referencing related device icons and applicaton icons led to several sketches. The solution is an interesting scanner image which has a good balance of detail and simplicity,


Emoji live in the Segoe UI Symbol font. They are based largely on the Unicode definition for each character. I had the opportunity to draw new versions of many of the emoji.

More icon sets

Sets of Windows 8 icons:


1. Start screeen command icons

2. Help Hub application icons

3. Icons we imagined third party application developers would need but had not yet been requested by an Windows 8 application

4. Reader command bar icons



Cursor refresh

Windows 8 cursor refresh kept the existing concepts but stripped out the gradients and drop shadows to leave  crisper, flatter images. This side by side comparison shows the lighter feel of the updated cursors.

Ribbon icons

Windows 8 Explorer ribbon icons. For Windows 8 the file explorer was "ribbonized". Adding the ribbon to the file explorer meant that existing icons needed new sizes and many existing features needed an icon for the first time.



Misc. icons

These are older icons in the glossy, highlighted aero style.

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